Topic: Writing for Survival When My Support System is Gone

Happy Saturday! I have been absent for a while. Truth is I was surprised by your reaction to the affiliate post. Don’t worry. There is more coming. But I really wanted to make the focus of this blog writing. So, I am endeavoring to do both. Keeping that in mind, my topic for this post is two-fold:

  1. Time management

  2. Writing as a freelance ghostwriter.



  1. Time Management

How do I get into one 24-hour period all I want to do while making time for me and my family? I do not want to miss out on completion of my to-do list that I took the time to write out for a reason. I mean, here I am on my social media (Facebook: Nalani Harmon, Yasmine Jameson) (Instagram: Nalani Harmon) (Alignable: Nicole Harmon dba Yasmine Jameson)…telling you that you can do it. Just like you, I struggle. Mostly, it is because I sleep at night. Note: You really need to sleep. I have found out personally to me an all-nighter means I completed what I had to do. Two cups of coffee later, I am still awake but am up to date. Flipside of that is I am also tired.

But the harder work pays off. I have more money (slightly). Writers aren’t paid a lot. The blockbuster sellers aren’t that many. I get told I am an okay writer. I don’t sell. Well I am a great writer. I get paid. My mystery, once it is not so painful for an English teacher to read or another author to read should and will sell well. I can do this. Be a self-published writer who sells books to you my public.

You the reader and buyer of my novels are the other half of this artist to consumer transaction. For years, I have heard from “the public” my book should be re-written. My poetry-it’s not realistic. Or to their taste. Here is my favorite: it doesn’t speak to my lifestyle. (Translation: LGBTQ+) Well hello, I don’t write about it in detail. There are two or three glossed over poems regarding those relationships. So no my poetry of my personal viewpoint on relationships/sexual fantasy will not be re-written until I see fit. Here is a huge thank you to the people who have actually experienced what I wrote about. One day too, I will as well.

Part of time management is reading through all of my email. Responding to those emails is a whole other paragraph. So at last count I had over 5000 emails. And it’s March. I do go through and unsubscribe from junk mail. Did you know it’s like a fungus-junk mail? I had set up a schedule to not read my email all day. Twice a day and just check up when I was notified that an email I was waiting for had come through by the sender. So at the start of the work day it is catch up on any emails and after midnight I read all of the previous days email. I succeeded for three days. (To those who read each and every email-you are a godsend.) And then I fell off the bandwagon. I am going back to that.

When do I sleep? I am seriously considering naps. I will figure it out as I go because I really need to start back going through my email daily.



  1. Writing as a Freelance Ghostwriter

I found out ghostwriting can indeed net you assignments. I have made some money from one client website. I am getting more work from that website as well. It is easy to see a lot of jobs but not so easy to choose which to bid on. This is for both sites that I am a member of and sign into for work. I mean, I want higher paying jobs-both long-term and short-term.

The problem is job satisfaction rate. I need it to be higher. I need it to be excellent. This means I am working at being a better ghostwriter for my clients. A happier client means a higher job satisfaction rate. A higher more job requests. But that is part of it.

My actual writing for the client that I showcase in my portfolio the appearance on the website, the read rate of the actual written article as well. I say this because of an article writing job I had for I was paid based upon who read my article, and I actually to surprise got paid. It was so cool. Plus it meant people read pay writing. Not sure if they agreed with on. With sincere thanks to those readers, I love ya’ll.

Writing, although solitary, is pretty fun but also hard work creating a story takes imagination, time and perseverance. Writing offers many opportunities for networking, also. By its nature, you the writer collaborate with everyone. Artists, musicians, journalists, teachers, sex workers, everyone. You get invited to events. You get offered free stuff. I kid you not. All the time. With are the networking when do you work?

You work all the time. People, events, television, music-all work. Bathroom work. You write what you know. And inspiration strikes anywhere, but it takes more than inspiration. Writing takes work. And work you will until you get a headache sometimes. Deadlines are important. You can’t really miss them.

Deadlines are one of the most important aspects of a writer’s life. I give myself self-imposed deadline. I don’t always keep them. But I make more money when I do. Writing as a ghostwriter, I have a deadline pursuant to the client’s schedule. I have missed many a deadline I’m a work in progress. It normally happens when I have three or more assignments, only two are active. The two are a lot. Except its remote for one and the second is via Kindle app. I still bid on new jobs for long-term, bread and butter job.

My bread and butter job will provide one with the basic money needed for me to survive on my own. Rent, utility, cable and internet, phone, car and gas (transportation) grocery and clothes. If I were to get a job freelance ghostwriting that was my bread and butter, I would achieve my goal of being self-employed and living off my proceeds.

I believe I can achieve that I’m starting. I actually make half of my bread and butter salary one month. Now to make the whole money, in one month. Next goal one year. And final goal is to make a year.

My Goals for 2021 Revisited

For this year, I want to have a steady stream of income that increase each month. So far I have had money each month. I’m hoping this month I kick it off. I found out the amount of money I need to earn to survive. Included rent charges. So my one true goal that is a must is to earn survival money each month for a year. I will add expenses as I go. The amount for survival goes up by the amount of the charge.

In six months, that is-September 2021, I will revisit and tell you how I am doing. Sept. 23, 2021. Mark your calendar.


Tip for the day:

Although it’s Tuesday, you can still get some work done and spend time with your family. Just prioritize which tasks are more important and will take the most time. Spend your day doing that. And make sure to get your eight hours of sleep.

With sincere thanks.

Author: Nicole T Harmon

I am a writer who is hoping to make it big in the publishing world. I hope to have my other blog up and running by next year. Please enjoy the journey with me. If you are looking to read some good stories check out

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