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Good morning to my stay loyal fans. I am back with another newsletter. Some fine points. First, I am changing it from the Weekly Newsletter of Nicole on the next issue. I am having problems with it changing in revue. Second, you can now email me with any questions, job offers, or requests or just to talk at this new email address:


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Sincerely, thank you from your friendly content writer- Nicole.


Accepting Donations and New Email Address

Hello. I know it has been a while since we last spoke via this blog. I have good reasons for being incognito. First I was having some problems with my accounts which caused me to close out some of my social media and my freelance accounts. I was getting fraudulent jobs too often where the parties who were interested in hiring me wanted to go offsite. On top they had me open up a bank account and wanted my sign-on information. I thought this was not right because I can give them direct deposit information. But the persons wanted actual access to my account to make sure that it was posted to my bank account. I am assuming that all jobs are the same but any human resources person can answer my question with that: Just how okay was that- them requesting my username and password to the account instead of the direct deposit offered to them?

I did however reopen one account because I lost my Topcontent. And Freelancers.com was the one where I highly questioned some of the jobs offered. However, I did gain a new title: Funds Disburser (for company name). It was a pretty cool title. But this is not the purpose of this post.

To all my many fans and readers, I am requesting if possible any and all donations you can give me be sent to this address:


If you are wondering what the money will go to it is this: newsletters, gifts offered, guests and maintenance fees for this website including the email used to respond to your questions.

I hope that you will see it in your heart to donate. I know my family and I thank you.

Here is my new email address for you to send me an email to talk, discuss an issue or request some work from me. You can reach me via email at this email address: nicole-harmon@liveloveandlaughforahealthylifestyle.com. Definitely use it, people!

Also, you can send an email requesting the newsletter. Please be advised that I am charging $1.00 for you to receive the newsletter. That dollar not only pays for one year of the newsletter, but it also goes towards paying my expenses on this blog and the other three. But the money will also go towards helping to fund giveaways, speakers and other events including the one webinar I promised. So if you could see your way to purchasing a newsletter I would be ever so grateful.

8 Exciting New Ways to Transform Your Mental Health

Photo credit from Pexels-samson-katt-5257630

Lately, you’ve been feeling like you need to make a change in your life. It might seem as though you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while. If you’re tired of trying out traditional mental health care techniques with little results, it’s time to experiment with some of these innovative ideas from Live, Love and Laugh for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Adopt a Pet

Have you been feeling lonely lately? If you need some more love in your life, consider adopting a pet. When you adopt a pet, you take responsibility for the health and well-being of another living creature, which can give you a sense of purpose. Zoetis states that caring for a pet can actually lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of depression and anxiety.

Take a Tai Chi Class

You don’t have to be in great shape to take a tai chi class! Tai chi is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s a great way to improve your balance and flexibility while supporting your mental health. Plus, you can often find outdoor classes that are held in local parks!

Book a Vacation

Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery in order to feel a little better. If it’s been a long time since your last vacation, you might be due for a fun trip. Perhaps you could travel to see a friend, book a relaxing solo self-care retreat, or go on an exciting outdoor adventure. When you return home, you might realize that you’ve experienced a shift in perspective.

Learn a New Language

Do you often find yourself caught in a cycle of negative thoughts? Suppressing your emotions is not healthy, but sometimes you do need to shift your focus to a different area in order to give yourself some relief from anxiety. Learning a language is a great way to do just that. You’ll feel proud of your new skill set, you’ll stretch your brain in new ways, and you might even make friends with some language buddies!

Go to the Spa

While a spa day won’t necessarily cure anxiety, depression, or any other mental health condition, there’s no doubt that it can be therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Maybe you just need to escape for a little while! We tend to hold lots of tension and stress in our bodies, and getting a massage or facial can help you relieve some of that tension.


Maybe you’ve tried out traditional meditation, but you haven’t found it very helpful so far. You might be interested in trying breathwork, too. MindBodyGreen states that breathwork involves consciously controlling your breath to shift into a deeper state of consciousness. This turns meditation into a full-body experience that helps engage your mind.

Optimize Your Home

One path to greater well-being can be to focus on your living space. Clutter can be stressful, so make sure your home is clean and decluttered. It also helps to have some indoor plants around, as well as plenty of natural light to nourish both the plants and you. Lastly, smudge your home with sage to drive out negative energies that may be building up.

Enjoy Daily Tea Time

Human beings crave ritual. By adding a daily tea time ritual to your routine, you will automatically carve out time to relax each and every day. You will always have something to look forward to!

Mental health is complicated. The techniques that help somebody else heal might not work for you. By trying out a few of these different ideas, you can find relief from your mental health struggles.

Live, Love and Laugh for a Healthy Lifestyle offers a wealth of information on travel, health, and more! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

I am a Brand Ambassador for Canvas Champ

and I am offering my readers and followers today an opportunity to own a custom gift from https://canvaschamp.com/. You know Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. Not to mention high school and college graduations as well as graduate school graduations. This is a beautiful thoughtful idea for a gift, Purchase a Custom Spotify Song Plaque. You can purchase it for 10% off of the price of $15.00. But this offer only lasts until June 30, 2022.

Here is the information you need.https://canvaschamp.com/?ref=bb-3z4x9m/ is the site link to go to the sale page of the Custom Song Plaque. The discount code is BBBl9CHF7.

See this video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce09jN2l79k/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

See picture:

Pictures of Custom Spotify Song Plaque canvaschamp.com

Should you buy this plaque I will receive a small commission. And I thank you for all your help in completing my mission.

Working with Nature by Nicole Harmon


I work best with music playing but it is not music as you think of music. I work with natural sounds playing in the background. You know the wind, rain, ocean sounds, fireplace sounds, white noise…things of that nature. And it keeps me so focused you would not believe the work I get done.

Currently, I am finishing up my last Daphne Kiss of Death entry. This year has been by far the most entries I have ever judged. I got nine this year. I am so proud of myself for reading them all. All of the entries. I sincerely wish them all the best and I want one of them to final and win. I have had only one of the books that I have judged be a finalist.

I actually stumbled across nature sounds when I listened to Bossa Nova and coffee shop sounds on YouTube. Yes, I am a total YouTube fan. I will watch movies, listen to podcasts, audibles (audiobooks), and news shows, and watch sports, video games, and television shows. It is a smorgasbord of television to watch.

I was thinking I need something, anything to help my concentration. I mean I was reading a book for a book review that I was getting paid for and I kept losing my concentration. So thinking it was me I put it down and started working on an article. While working on the article I started listening to rain sounds. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dB9dGKr0L25HKO8r6XKkg. See this channel I just posted the link to. Here is another link for you: Note https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNjGqISO6V2WFpOFWPC8pIw this is a Spanish channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/EasySoundsRelaxationChannel. This is the third I use for listening.

Pexels photo by Dakota Gillette

The sounds I listen to relax my body because the sounds are what I hear outside my very window. Granted hearing a thunderstorm on a television video is a lot easier to handle than an actual storm for me but it for some reason soothes my mind. I can concentrate because I know what is happening. It is on screen. It is safe to listen to. Nothing can hurt me.

I actually do a lot more work than I realize listening to these videos. My current go-to video is one where the listener can imagine they are sitting or lying down on an RV bed by their window listening to the rain hit the vehicle next to a forest. Believe me, it is very relaxing.

You are probably thinking of this young lady, I liked her so much until now. She seems to be not who I thought she was. I sincerely hope not. I sincerely hope that from this post you can gain one important thought: the thought that what keeps you productive is the one item to keep no matter how many times you transition your position in a company or to a new job. Production matters. Productivity matters. Your output matters. And how you obtain it matters.

I am a writer. I use my computer to not only research a topic but to also type up an article on the topic of research. I use it to take pictures or upload pictures inside that article as well. Sometimes, I stress out because of my computer not working right or because the research is not right.

light-blue 01

My current assignment is to re-write an article to make it fit the guidelines of research. I was told by my editor that it wasn’t what they wanted from me. Since I want to keep this job, I am re-writing it and it will be how they want it. I almost typed hopefully, but it has to just be. The article has to be what they want it to be or they will let me go. And that is a no-no.

So I am going to make some coffee, turn on the nature sounds, and relax my mind and body. I will put my back against the wall (on my three pillows of course), and relax. I will go over what the requirements are and then do some more research. Then re-write it. Then hand it back in.

Since this is a re-write I need to concentrate even harder or it will just be the same mistake I hand back in. This I do not want to do. So not only do I use the above nature sounds to help me relax but I also use the following link(s).

https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteNoiseTranquility This is the White Noise Channel.

https://www.youtube.com/user/miblej0 This is Althea Renee’s Channel.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStrRoowHUiwecqmY1xCing And we are back to nature sounds with this channel.

Nature sounds are a good way of lulling your body into a relaxed state. Your body will sync up with the natural rhythms inside the video of the natural world. You have water or wind. You have the crackling of the fireplace. You have the sound of the thunder. Despite the thunder being not consecutive or not constant, the body anticipates the thunder sound and acclimates itself to the eventual clap.

For me, the sounds will allow me to block out unwanted noise. I won’t hear the bad conversation or the constant tapping of the animal that might be hiding in the attic. I won’t hear the scraping of the tree limb onto the roof much less the bark of the dog around the corner who has just gotten lonely. Instead, I will concentrate on the following:

  1. My research
  2. My topic back up
  3. The correction of my answer
  4. My correct answer
  5. My sources
  6. My money.

All important to me and my bottom line. All those lessons on my LinkedIn and on my Facebook will come to help me out. All my lessons in my freelance writing classes will come to help me out. I will write the best damn piece and I will earn every cent of my money.

And the nature sounds will have helped me do it. I am very happy to listen to the natural world. I am very grateful that there are a plethora of videos to choose from. And I am grateful for the job that I am using them to write another better article.

In conclusion, I feel that listening to sounds that relax you give you a sense of purpose and a sense of time. It allows your mind to focus on what is important. Your assignment. This allows you to be productive and create a winning article. And as a freelancer isn’t that what matters? Your output that is satisfactory to the client that hired you? Great output! Listen to your version of nature sounds so that you make that dollar!

Influencers Should Use These Strategies to Find Success by Cody McBride

Once you find your niche, influencing can become pretty lucrative as you work with brands and collaborate with other social media stars.

Photo via Pexels

How do you become an influencer in today’s highly competitive market? The key is to establish what you’re best at while learning all you can about your target audience. They’re looking for someone with similar interests and tastes who can guide them through using different products or making lifestyle changes, so as an influencer, it’s important to create engaging content that speaks to a large number of people.

Once you find your niche, influencing can become pretty lucrative as you work with brands and collaborate with other social media stars. If you have the time to put into the influencer process and think you understand what your audience wants, start by finding inspiration from blogs like Live, Love and Laugh for a Healthy Lifestyle, then read up on how to make the most of your social media presence.

Utilize TikTok effectively

There are many social media platforms, but there may only be a couple that are right for you. It’s important to learn how to navigate each one before deciding on the best choice for your brand since their built-in tools are all a bit different. With TikTok, creators have the opportunity to see their content blow up overnight, so it’s essential to make sure every post is authentic and true to your vision. It’s also important to be responsive to your audience and engage with them as much as possible, and stay on top of trends by engaging with the content that others post. When you’re ready to grow your viewership, set up a TikTok ads account by naming the campaign, setting a budget, and targeting your audience. This will help your page cast a wider reach.

Make online tools work for you

Outside of social media, there are many types of online tools that can be highly valuable for influencers. Want to know who’s talking about your brand? Utilize a resource like Awario, which makes daily sweeps online to find any mention of your name or content so you can monitor the conversation and even join in. You can also branch out with your content by making videos for a YouTube channel. Just make sure your branding is consistent across all platforms and within your marketing strategy. You can use an online banner maker that allows you to input a creative logo, images, and/or text to customize an eye-catching banner for your channel.

Decide how to connect

No matter which channels and platforms you choose to share your message, it’s important to decide how you’ll connect with your audience. If you want to focus your content on travel, for instance, how much of your personal life will you share as you take your viewers along for the journey? Some influencers keep strict limits on how much they show on their professional social media pages, while others feel that giving “behind the scenes” looks can help them form a deeper connection with their audience. This is a personal decision that may change over time.

Create a schedule

When it comes to sharing, it’s a good idea to create a schedule that helps you stay consistent. Do some research on the best days and times of the week to post content that gains maximum exposure; this will vary across different platforms, but in general, your posts will likely get the most attention when shared on a Wednesday morning. Once you have a routine down, you’ll start to see your numbers remaining fairly consistent.

Becoming an influencer is a process that usually takes some time as you build up followers and create engaging content, but with the power of social media, you might find that you’re able to reach your goals as an influencer pretty quickly. Look for inspiration from other creators online and don’t be afraid to reach out and make connections, as networking can be extremely beneficial for both of you.

About the Author:

Cody McBride’s love for computers stems from high school when he built his own computer . Today he is a trained IT technician and knows how the inner workings of computers can be confusing to most. He is the creator of TechDeck.info where he offers easy-to-understand tech related advice and troubleshooting tips.”

New Newsletter

Hi all and Happy New Year 2022! This year I am hoping to make good money and many new friends. To that end, as I had to close out much of my social media presence I will be using different social media to get into contact with you. I have a new newsletter service through Substack. There I can publish my short stories, and also publish my information about upcoming books for Yasmine Jameson. My book reviews will still be published on Nikki’s Book Reviews. So don’t worry-I am still doing that.

Here is the link to the new newsletter: https://nharmon.substack.com/p/coming-soon?r=128826&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web.

It is a paid subscription. I am not sure how you pay yet but I will let you know. I pick the amount. When I do so, I hope you will flock to subscribing.

Included in the newsletter will be information regarding my brand ambassadorships, offering deals and discounts for products that I like to you and your friends. Don’t be shy- my new brand ambassadorship is with Georgia Valentino Georgia Valentino Official. Also be on the lookout for posts regarding Era Athletica and others.

I hope that this year brings all of you who experienced sorrow a better year and happier times.

Blessings to you all!

Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle Preview by Nicole

Hi. I am reposting this link from my sister blog Fashion Make-up and Self Care with Nicole for you to read. To all my friends who are affiliates or who are searching for a good deal-this is a good deal. More to come in the near future.

Fashion, Make-up and Self Care with Nicole

Picture from Karolina Grabowska 40-41391 from Pexels

Hi and I hope this week in August finds you well. Before I continue please be advised that this post will contain affiliate links. If you click on this link and buy the product I am offering you will be giving your email information to them solely for the purpose of buying that product and I may obtain a commission from that sale. I am giving you a little preview of something that I think you who like herbs and essential oils will love.

We all love to smell nice for our men-am I right ladies? And to the men-you love it when your women want to smell and taste nice for you ? What about when you cook for each other-do you like it when each of you has tasty food to eat? I can help you with some of that today…

View original post 453 more words

Award Shows

Screenshot from Nicole’s Computer

Hello all. I hope you are doing and feeling well today. It has been an eventful week but not just because I saw a play in the park last night. No, the eventful week is because I signed my non-exclusive contract to sell my book on the Goodnovel.com platform. Can’t wait to see my mystery in print. And I have been getting work from Topcontent. I am about to get some more assignments via my Upwork account. And then there are my blogs including my book review blog.

You know the latest craze for me are the Instagram Reels. That’s right I am a “Reel” Girl! You got to laugh at that one. So I thought I would share one with you. Hold on. Let me see. Ah here is one.

I think these are great entertainment and showcase the personality of the people in the account. Plus with all those fads- if you want to yell at me for saying so-I think this is just as good as TikTok. A good advertising tool as well as just a plain fun tool. Definitely take the time to watch the reels on Instagram. Particularly because you are reading that Instagram may be moving over to video entirely. And then of course there is the follower requirement. I sincerely hope they let us all stay even those without the high follower count.

Furkanfdemir by Pexels

Work is going well. In fact I just got invited to the Storyteller’s Quill Awards. It is to acknowledge the accomplishments of the self-published author. It will be online on August 20, 2021. I hope you who are attending join me for a non-alcoholic cocktail that evening.

Have a great evening!

How Do You Bank as a Freelancer? Part One by Nicole Harmon

Heads up-freelance work equals 40+ hours work weeks.

Photo courtesy of Lifestyle-520CW-Pixistock-70

Hi all. Heads up-freelance work equals 40+ hours work weeks.  But the flipside is if you find a paying client-not actually working until 10 p.m. in the evening is very feasible. For most of us we start our days as soon as new tasks available.” For me its either 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. I’m so happy to see that email. I’ve got work. Seems hokey right? It is not.

What that means is I live paycheck to paycheck.  Is that wrong? For me it is semi-accurate. Let me explain. I get paid once a month. If all my checks for freelance work came in, I would be paid two checks per month. My last store job didn’t last. I am not currently working as a substitute teacher. So, I don’t have unemployment. I have been offered grant money which I am looking into accepting. The problem with the pay scheme as that scenario is- I need money to go into a bank and accumulate. I also may have to pay fees. Sometimes it could be weeks between paychecks as in more than two. I’m at one month. I need a bank that won’t charge me a fee, also gives me checks, charge card and a savings account.  What I have read is that freelancers would also like a bank that could tally taxes and pay taxes. Some prefer a QuickBooks type that also tracks expenses, mileage, petty cash, bills, cash disbursements plus pay checks. Recently there have been a lot of options to help people particularly freelancers’ bank.

There are several new banking options for freelancers. I’m keeping track. Why you ask? Because I have problems with my checking account at a brick-and-mortar bank. Mostly I keep track of my money but sometimes I didn’t. As a result, I couldn’t keep my accounts. Now I need a checking account even for freelancing because some want to give you a check to deposit by mobile banking.  Mobile banking is not as easy as it sounds particularly when you get email checks that you must print out to send into the bank.  Sometimes they cash them, bounce them and then sometimes they just bounce them.

Options for Banking

Photo courtesy of Charles Parker from Pexels

I started with PayPal. It was a personal account. I could be paid via ACH or electronic payment. For me I could get paid without fearing a bounced check or fraud. If need be, I found out I could send checks to me for deposit in my brick-and-mortar bank. I could transfer money to my bank if it was attached.  And I just found out I could cash checks through the website which then allows me to deposit and write checks.  As PayPal is my business account that would do me very well. My first PayPal was for non-business even though I got paid for freelance ghostwriting. I was given a cash-debit card. The only way I could use it was if there were funds in my account (secured credit). Since I never made enough money, I didn’t ask for a 1099 which I could obtain via my freelance website PayPal.  This year I have too because I opened my business: Nicole Harmon DBA Yasmine Jameson to an EIN.  I was informed by the IRS; I must put that on all my taxes from now on and I must file. My eyes were so happy to see I could use Direct Deposit with a personal account.  Then I changed to Thrive Cart for one of my affiliates-Hope writers.  Unlike my fellow affiliate counterparts, who got informed how to join without upgrading, I had to upgrade my account to a me a kick in the pants to start the DBA.

But I still needed a bank account for checking. Before you say what about local banks, let me inform you we have two. I have been at one since 2007 when I moved back home to my parents prior to my father’s death. My problem is with recurring payments. I give my credit card number to the bill collector on the account and information needed to pay monthly bills upon due date by automatic payments-and one of 2(3) things happen in tandem:

  1. I lose my job
  2. End of unemployment
  3. Low funds in a bank account.

Plus, I would forget who had automatic payments on which credit card which by the way was unsecured credit in the beginning. I would stop not all my automatic payments or get charged and overdraw my account, bounce checks or both. Hence, my account would be closed and I’m without a checking. I had to close three checking accounts not the PayPal.

I also opened a Skrill account because I write for Topcontent and at the time they did not accept PayPal. I do a lot of work overseas for United Kingdom blogs and businesses who have blogs including gaming and gambling establishments.  I also do work for the surrounding countries. Recently, I was granted “True Skriller” status. How? I downloaded the App. Now I can use as I use any other secured credit card. But I still need a checking account because most businesses give me a hard time with paying me via electronically.  Websites have no problem. Companies do because they would like you to have checking at a brick-and-mortar bank. Recently I was told to open an online checking account such as Citibank online banking which is an online checking account.  All is done via mobile phone and online.  We shall find out the status of that later in the post.

Yes, a lot of new ways to bank are being offered particularly to those who have no bank and freelancers.  All are being touted as the banking of tomorrow for freelancers. At last count four or five have been offered in my Facebook and Instagram account alone.  

See How to Bank as a Freelancer Part Two on next post.

Note: If you would like to donate or subscribe to this website please choose one of the buttons. I have revised the subscribe payment amount. You can subscribe for $5.00 per year to receive the following: newsletters with premium content that will be marked on the website once I have subscribers. Access free of charge to the webinars and masterclass. And discounts on future books by Yasmine Jameson. You can also choose to donate any amount you wish from $1.00 up. Thank you for your assistance.