Women in the Arts

This just came in the mail. I am reading it slowly. On the cover are powerhouses -all women who either have had good careers or are starting a good career. Salt-n-Pepa, Wendy Williams, Robin Roberts and Danielle Brooks. Now we have Vice President Kamala Harris. Women of Color. How far have we come.

Should we rest on our records? We have had music career success, radio and newsman success, and….At the top of the hill is the Vice President. Over 400years ago, women were slaves sold for work and pleasure. After slavery most women still had similar lives except for those that chose different paths. Now today women of Color have the distinction of being poets, presidents and vice presidents, CEO’s and stay at home parents. My question to you is: how do we keep ourselves the forefront in the art world?

Now by the art world I not only mean painting, but I include music, writing, acting, fashion and niche art. It’s called reaching back and giving the younger generation a glimpse into that world. Take your daughter to work day is a good example. Scholarships to summer programs is another way. We can all play apart to give the world another Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker, and Queen Latifah.  

I am issuing a CTA:  a call to action for this coming year of 2021: 

For one or two weeks this year showcase women to your class, church, homeless shelter, women’s groups, and where ever else you can. Show them a women who suceeded and how. Give them the opportunity if able to shadow someone they like in their work day. That one day will hopefully not discourage them into thinking there is no way I’m going to be like that, but give them the opposite feeling. Use that one to two weeks as a kick off for something wonderful. Showing women and the girls who will become that they matter. 

#womenslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #girlslivesmatter #childrenlivesmatter 

Author: Nicole T Harmon

I am a writer who is hoping to make it big in the publishing world. I hope to have my other blog up and running by next year. Please enjoy the journey with me. If you are looking to read some good stories check out www.murderonmymind.spaces.live.com.

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