Live Love Laugh and Be Healthy with Yasmine Jameson Newsletter Issue # 2 (misnumbered but correct)

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Announcement: November Thoughts on Wattpad

Words can’t describe the hurt

Hi. I have started using Wattpad again and have found several features that I like.

 First I can actually sell my books and writing on Wattpad. So I’m psyched. I am going to sell both my poetry books on that platform. So to my fans who want to buy my book check back in two months in January 2021 for the link to buy. Not sure how it all works out. I will check it out and then post back in two months.

Second, I can receive votes and be nominated for awards if enough people like my work. I saw a story I wrote a long time ago–I’m #25 out of 48 stories chosen to be ranked. That is cool. I thought I would share that honor with you. Thank you for liking the story I wrote.

I am working on my mystery in Wattpad to iron out kinks. So far no one has said anything. I think I may have to set up commenting. I am learning. I am psyched. I can’t wait to read the comments.  

And drumroll please 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 

My new poetry book November Thoughts is now live on Wattpad. Here is the link:

Check it out! 💄