Award Shows

Screenshot from Nicole’s Computer

Hello all. I hope you are doing and feeling well today. It has been an eventful week but not just because I saw a play in the park last night. No, the eventful week is because I signed my non-exclusive contract to sell my book on the platform. Can’t wait to see my mystery in print. And I have been getting work from Topcontent. I am about to get some more assignments via my Upwork account. And then there are my blogs including my book review blog.

You know the latest craze for me are the Instagram Reels. That’s right I am a “Reel” Girl! You got to laugh at that one. So I thought I would share one with you. Hold on. Let me see. Ah here is one.

I think these are great entertainment and showcase the personality of the people in the account. Plus with all those fads- if you want to yell at me for saying so-I think this is just as good as TikTok. A good advertising tool as well as just a plain fun tool. Definitely take the time to watch the reels on Instagram. Particularly because you are reading that Instagram may be moving over to video entirely. And then of course there is the follower requirement. I sincerely hope they let us all stay even those without the high follower count.

Furkanfdemir by Pexels

Work is going well. In fact I just got invited to the Storyteller’s Quill Awards. It is to acknowledge the accomplishments of the self-published author. It will be online on August 20, 2021. I hope you who are attending join me for a non-alcoholic cocktail that evening.

Have a great evening!