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End of 2020 Roaring into 2021

Hey 2020 has been and gone. I had not a bad haul for the holidays cyberly – that is the preview of some posts for this year. I have several courses to take that I want to share with you. I feel that you will like them as well.

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Affiliate News

In this of the month January, the membership drive for Hope*writers is beginning. Also, I am an affiliate for Creative Fabrica and have several items to show you. Please check back in week to see the offers.

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Freelancing News

I am asking for advice on computer models to buy for working as a freelance author. I write content and my own novels. I am also now making my own book covers. So it has to be portable and I also would like a big screen. Touch screen is good particularly for signing documents online ( which I have done a few times now). Professional software and Windows 10 or higher. I also like Microsoft Edge and Chrome. I would love it to carry both if possible. Just lately I have had the urge to watch movies so I would love a projector; it would be cool if it had the ability to do so. Plus this times I want to actually use the machine to record on Dragon. I know it seems I ramble, I do. It’s like a work in progress without the clarity.

I do like Hewlett Packard machines and Dell. I also like Toshiba and Mac. A Mac would be ideal but for me way to expensive.  Any suggestions would be helpful. I’m collecting tons. All three of my computer expert friends as I have called them are exasperated.

Author News

Check out Nicole Harmon Dba Yasmine Jameson on Wattpad to keep up to date on the latest story. And great news, I just got offered and am accepting a non-exclusive contract to write for Wattpad. I got lucky huh, because my first Mystery novel is on there and the people who read there, really do buy and read the books. One of the writers who I know in my Facebook actually has won awards on there. 


I just want to cry right now. This blogsite has been a dream of mine for years. I am so happy to start it. I just need you ( lovely wonderful followers 💘) and ( likers 💘) to keep reading. And to subscribe.

As a thank you I have a newsletter to send out to you who already follow me.  To receive the next  newsletter I need YOU to SUBSCRIBE! It is set up and waiting for you. There are two ways to subscribe. You can go for the newsletter or you can pay $10 per month and receive not only the newsletter but also free access to an upcoming webinar on blogging. The webinar will also include a section on your policies needed to run your blog correctly. Not only that but you get two free poetry books and an excerpt from my mystery novel due out upon completion. Both are written under my own name Yasmine Jameson. Plus you get one to two extra articles of premium content, affiliate marketing offers for products I help sell, and a downloadable pdf on how to set up your blog. 

I hope the above totally wets your appetite to know and read more from me! I’m counting on you fans!