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What Am I Doing and How Am I Doing It?

Oh my god, I have good news and better news. Following that I have housekeeping.

Good News!  I have been searching for ways to make money even from passive income means. I lucked out. You are reading from the new representative for Era Athletica. It is a website that sells women’s athletic wear (exercise clothes). Look them up on the internet at Then, I lucked up and got the brand ambassador for Pureauty Naturals. Stroke of luck. Hoping these two events will drive more business my way for book reviews and content writing.

Photo credit: @stock_byjewels.
I also got some more work. I am writing book reviews on, and recently joined a group. Since then I am so full of books to read. Not only that I just got a new position as a writer a Thought Nova. It looks to be a pretty heavy research. Hoping for some money coming from it. But I need to finally use a content calendar. Written down in here are my book assignments from June through August. On top I have to add my freelance content writing assignments, as well as Netgalley. I’m busy right? Girls, I wish it was ALL PAID work!πŸ’„

I got an email from signing up to use HOOTSUITE. The website administrator sent me an email all about content planning. I found it to be a good read and informative. I also found another article online that has a very good conversation about content planning. Specifically it talks about content marketing through the understanding of the concepts of content strategy and content planning1.

Most of the rest of this entry will discuss content planning. But before that what is content strategy? To understand this, first look at your blog or any blogs. Most blogs have a theme. Included in that theme is an article or series of articles. Those articles are connected together or  separate. Here you have content strategy and content planning.

Content strategy is the β€œplan[ning] for [her] creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content. Specifically it is composed of key themes and messages, recommended topics, content purpose (i.e., how content will bridge the space between audience needs and business requirements.), content gap analysis, metadata frameworks and related content attributes, search engine optimization (SEO), and implications of strategic recommendations on content creation, publication, and governance.” All this to create an atmosphere that is interactive with the user to create a good experience in communication based on what the user sees, reads, does and plays1.

Now content planning is when you determine what you will write about, post and when you publish the post. Content planning has to deal with your topic. Under that topic is subtopics. Included in that subtopic could be exercises, games, purchase opportunities, collaborative engagements, even vlog (video blog posts.) Once you have decided that half your job is over. The other half is following which ones are read and keeping  them up to date. Revamping the ones not read or changing your angle.  Also if possible taking the most read posts, publishing a book and selling it. At this point I think you are almost done.

You know why it is never completely done? Two reasons:

  1. You are done the paper planning. Now you write, and arrange, and
  2. Always follow trends, new ideas and incorporate it into your new and old posts.

You blog and website are business. Treat it as such, but  ENJOY it!

See part two next post.


  1. Lyons, Yvonne. β€œWhy You Need a Content Strategy and a Contest Plan.” (2018) (RightSource Marketing)

Personal Day Thursday!πŸ’„

Hi, hope this Thursday finds you well. I am finishing up a research assignment, and also looking up avenues of passive income.  Later today, I am reading a book for a review and reading my email. I have a lot of email. So the goal is to delete the read email and then, read and respond to the ones requesting it.  

A quick note: my natural hair journey…although my hair is now curly I still would like it to e a little flatter and looser.  I put it up today but could NOT get those nice edges I wanted. Maybe next time. 

Weekend is coming up. Have you started back to school shopping?

December is here!

HiπŸ’„ how are you?  I am not the best, but I am not the worst.  I am however, somewhat perplexed by a program on my tablet. I downloaded it to use. And I set it up or so I thought. Hmmm… No, not right. So now, I have a program on my tablet that I can’t use.  But I did some research and found out how it works…so I will let you know.  

So today I researched a new person of interest for my job.  I learned a little about India’s past and about a few of their politicians.  Interesting.

So, I am contemplating the next few weeks into months.  I figured my gifts for the holidays would come later. I could search for them and buy them. Then pay off the credit card bill. All of which is to start off a conversation about credit. Such an important part of our life! Or first credit card is like a rite of passage. It also causes us such money pain. And the debt could be astronomical. I could never understand how people could live off their credit card. Easy a job will make money to pay it off. But don’t lose it or max it out. You will be in trouble.  Very easy to do! I maxed out and can’t believe it.  So now I have to pay it off and need it to pay monthly charges.  But I will do it and bring down my balance. How? Let you know later.

So in this post spotlight I wanted to tell you about the Disney Movie πŸŽ₯ Club.  Over the last year I got five to seven movies and only paid 40.00$ for it.  Seems like a lot but with it I got a DVD plus blu ray, lithograth, and sometimes online πŸŽ₯ websites.  Plus I got member benefits.  Sadly, I had to cancel but I do highly recommend it for anyone who loves Disney movies. And who has children. 

Good Morning

Hi, I decided on a new blog project, but wasn’t sure what to write about. My first thought came as I was looking through my email.  Then I decided against doing the blog on entirely that subject.  But rest assured, when I find something I will let you know.  My second idea came as I was watching the previous data episodes of current television shows.  And thus, my new blog was born. 

Not exactly sure how this will work. I prefer if you could respond with questions or thoughts via written comments on this blog site.  Please be mindful that we are all adults and should act accordingly.  

I am also thinking of adding a podcast to help the show too, but may not.  I got good feedback from a test of one before. But don’t cut me off yet, it hasn’t happened and may not.  

Today is Black Friday.  The day to begin the highest shopping season outside of any other ordinary day.  Many stores are offering discounts on merchandise and products sold in their stores. Consider the season and protect your information.  

Also, the winter season is coming soon.  Dress accordingly.  And, YAY!, I found a new store to shop at and buy things I like from. It seems reasonable in price and one is within 50 miles of my home. Maybe it’s more like 100 miles.  Not ready to detail more than that. 

For those who are looking for a good blog to read check out the Budget Mom, who is available via Instagram.  Her handle is @thebudgetmom.  She has some practical advice for those who need it.  Next post, I will highlight another blog and/or person you may want to watch.  
Have a great day! πŸ€„β˜•πŸΌπŸŒπŸ·πŸ’„