Back in the Saddle

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It is October 2022 and I am back. Hope you all had a great summer. I was busy attempting to garner work and also every now and then having a nice day or night out. At least that was what it was supposed to be. I actually was not very happy throughout it due to various things inside and outside of my control. It pays to not be nervous folks. Just remember that.

I may be hopefully making a good amount of money per month come next year. I am hopeful. I am paranoid. I have my fingers crossed. When I am done with this assignment I have several others to do. My book reviews all are coming due at the end of this year. Plus my Audible has to be uploaded and sent in for consideration.

Not to jinx me but being a freelancer is a lot of sending out resumes and getting rejected until you make it. And even then you are only as good as your assignment- current assignment. But you know that don’t you?

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It is almost the end of the year and taxes are coming due. I have made some money but not enough. My hope is that I don’t owe any taxes from this job. Because I will have to pay for it. But I haven’t made that much. Except I believe I will owe taxes because nothing comes out of my check. So how does it work I actually, finally wonder? I do have some write-offs. But less this year than last year. I get mailed a lot of books plus I pay for my books for reviews. Shall see huh this year for real.

Another question, since all of my payments are actually online via electronic payment how does that work for submitting for tax consideration? I know this lady is definitely getting a visit this year. Because this year I have to actually file taxes.

Well if you want to read more about this, stay tuned for the next post about it. But not right away.

New Newsletter from Nicole-YAY!

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Good morning to my stay loyal fans. I am back with another newsletter. Some fine points. First, I am changing it from the Weekly Newsletter of Nicole on the next issue. I am having problems with it changing in revue. Second, you can now email me with any questions, job offers, or requests or just to talk at this new email address:

Yes, I know it is long but it will definitely get you there. The website assigns you the email based on your blog address.

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Here is the link for the new newsletter:

Remember if you want to subscribe it only costs you $1.00 and that $1.00 will pay for a lot. It will go towards the fees for maintaining the blog(s) and also it will go towards gifts as well from me to you.

Don’t forget to look for information on the webinar about blogging. I am definitely putting that together. It will be a Zoom. And again if you pay $1.00 for the newsletter it will also help get that off the ground as well.

Sincerely, thank you from your friendly content writer- Nicole.