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New Newsletter from Nicole-YAY!

Remember if you want to subscribe it only costs you $1.00 and that $1.00 will pay for a lot.

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Good morning to my stay loyal fans. I am back with another newsletter. Some fine points. First, I am changing it from the Weekly Newsletter of Nicole on the next issue. I am having problems with it changing in revue. Second, you can now email me with any questions, job offers, or requests or just to talk at this new email address:

Yes, I know it is long but it will definitely get you there. The website assigns you the email based on your blog address.

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Here is the link for the new newsletter:

Remember if you want to subscribe it only costs you $1.00 and that $1.00 will pay for a lot. It will go towards the fees for maintaining the blog(s) and also it will go towards gifts as well from me to you.

Don’t forget to look for information on the webinar about blogging. I am definitely putting that together. It will be a Zoom. And again if you pay $1.00 for the newsletter it will also help get that off the ground as well.

Sincerely, thank you from your friendly content writer- Nicole.

Accepting Donations and New Email Address

Hello. I know it has been a while since we last spoke via this blog. I have good reasons for being incognito. First I was having some problems with my accounts which caused me to close out some of my social media and my freelance accounts. I was getting fraudulent jobs too often where the parties who were interested in hiring me wanted to go offsite. On top they had me open up a bank account and wanted my sign-on information. I thought this was not right because I can give them direct deposit information. But the persons wanted actual access to my account to make sure that it was posted to my bank account. I am assuming that all jobs are the same but any human resources person can answer my question with that: Just how okay was that- them requesting my username and password to the account instead of the direct deposit offered to them?

I did however reopen one account because I lost my Topcontent. And was the one where I highly questioned some of the jobs offered. However, I did gain a new title: Funds Disburser (for company name). It was a pretty cool title. But this is not the purpose of this post.

To all my many fans and readers, I am requesting if possible any and all donations you can give me be sent to this address:

If you are wondering what the money will go to it is this: newsletters, gifts offered, guests and maintenance fees for this website including the email used to respond to your questions.

I hope that you will see it in your heart to donate. I know my family and I thank you.

Here is my new email address for you to send me an email to talk, discuss an issue or request some work from me. You can reach me via email at this email address: Definitely use it, people!

Also, you can send an email requesting the newsletter. Please be advised that I am charging $1.00 for you to receive the newsletter. That dollar not only pays for one year of the newsletter, but it also goes towards paying my expenses on this blog and the other three. But the money will also go towards helping to fund giveaways, speakers and other events including the one webinar I promised. So if you could see your way to purchasing a newsletter I would be ever so grateful.