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Live Love Laugh and Be Healthy with Yasmine Jameson Newsletter Issue # 2 (misnumbered but correct)

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Solitary Life is a Writer’s Life by Nicole Harmon

Writing is solitary. Many of us do it alone. I like my house but when I go out, I like coffee shops.  Used to be the park or the library. Now I’m chained to a wall adapter.  My current project is out to nobody yet because I’m still working on it. But until then I am working on my freelance portfolio. Today, I was watching my email for call backs. Call back means an article sent back for editing, different than an actor’s call back. Been running a malware scan on my computer. Not only is it time for a new computer but also some more online storage. Did you know I have to have my Google sheet off during my virus scan? IK, IK, why am I telling you this-rambling on like this? Nah, I’m not bored…… TIRED! I’m Tired!

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Problems of a Book Reviewer by Nicole Harmon

Hey from Nikki’s Book Reviews. That’s the name of my book review blog. I am grateful for those that follow me. But lately I have been having problems. Yes, I have a lot of books. As long as my eyesight is good and I am coherent, can write and type, I can review. 

I have equipment which currently still doesn’t work right. Currently, my Kindle won’t stay open. I am resetting my clock a lot. Soon to be fixed by the arrival of my monitor. Currently, I have a lot of book reviews due. Two are due now. Two more due. Two overdue. Three to do. I can do it. If only my equipment didn’t give me fits. Problems is a book reviews.

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Affiliate Marketing by Nicole Harmon

Hi. This is a friendly reminder that this post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on them, I may receive some form of commission. Hopefully, though you will want to click on all the links. Also, I originally wrote this on June 11, 2021.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Affiliate marketing-I am going to give it my best. I had recently started posting in my social media accounts about https://www.topcontent.com/. See link here: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPacZGs. Why? Well, I have been a working member of the site for approximately two-three years now. Since starting I have had some work and then sometimes, I had no assignments. My true feeling-if you have assignments and don’t do them you lose them. And sometimes future opportunities will disappear. I do know if I take the assignment offered, I work. I know because I got an assignment, I didn’t mind at all. Yay was my reaction. Note to self: Someone else wasn’t so happy. So, I copied the original. And worked off that adding original content as I wrote. I think it came out well when I was finished. Waiting is what I do now to see if accepted and if I am receiving new assignments. Upon checking my email soon thereafter I handed it in there was no return email from https://www.topcontent.com/ and none returned regarding my second assignment. What I find to be gold here is I got my URL (-.com) for the website it will be posted on. So, copying the exact title helps me and you to find the article. Last week or the beginning of this week I joined the Affiliate Program of Topcontent.com. It’s to market the website to businesses to gain work for those of us who work there. To me, it’s a win-win. I recruit those who here the website and pay me.

Today or rather late last night, I was tired (find time). I posted in several of my accounts the affiliate link with this message:

Posted on June 10, 2021: Hi. Remember I have been talking about Topcontent.com? Well, I recently found out that you can also utilize their writing services as a business owner. If you are looking for a way to hire freelance writers Topcontent.com is the way to go. If you want to pay competitive rates, then Topcontent.com is the way to go. Just use the link provided below to learn more and join. Here is the link: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?customers&aff_id=GjPacZGs/. You won’t regret it. #freelanceopportunity #hiring #jobs #digitalmarketing #moneyinyourbank

                Here is a recent post from Facebook: Posted in https://www.facebook.com/yasminejameson/ Hi. This post contains affiliate links: If you click on it and decided to use their services, I receive a commission.

I belong to a group of writers who write for a website group called Topcontent.com. They have a Facebook group here called Topcontent Freelancers. This is a website that will have steady work for you if you work. If you are a business or freelancer looking for workers to help you out on your blogs, or other writing then using this service is a good thing for you. You can join Topcontent.com and have them find the freelancer for you. All you do is click on this link: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPaZGs/. Once you join you decide how to pay the person, how many words, keywords use, backlinks used, and where it is posted. The freelancer who picks the assignment will write it for you. And the standards on the websites are high. Please click on this link: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPacZGs/, and join. Sincerely thanks, Nicole Harmon.

In case you wanted to see what my freelance writing since I started getting jobs has been like see my link to my portfolio on this blogsite: https://www.liveloveandlaughforahealthylifestyle.com/nicole-harmons-portfolio/. I also have a section specific to Topcontent.com. If you are wondering why there are no article titles listed there it is due to the terms and conditions of the website. We are under an NDA which is a non-disclosure agreement and cannot tell you what we do.

Here is the total number of articles I did last payment cycle: 8.

My hope and call to action for those who are reading this article is: If you need ghostwriters then please hire on Topcontent.com ghostwriters.

Their standards are good, and we the ghostwriters follow your instructions as laid out by you. The turnaround from editor to proofreader is a few days, and the ghostwriter has 12 hours to return the corrected article. Sometimes it may be longer if returned more than once. Do you need a translation of your native language to English? If so, Topcontent.com has the people to do it. The latest add-on to website tasks is editor/proofreader. You see it is one-stop shopping. I hope you can see your way to hiring ghostwriters through Topcontent.com. Just use their link here: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPacZGs/.

Not only do you get ghostwriters, but you can also request private tasks from those you like. To date, I have I believe had four or five private tasks. I missed two recently. One I opened only to have it blip right off the screen. I was told that someone had gotten to it at the same time. If you prefer to hand out private tasks, then come try Topcontent.com. Just use the link: https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPacZGs/, https://app.topcontent.com/signup?aff_id=GjPacZGs/, and start.

I work there and have found them responsive to my questions and requests for work. So, if you want to write join, take the test, and start work. On the flip side if you are a business looking for ghostwriters then join Topcontent.com too. Am I selfish? Yes. You join and I may get more work. So how selfish can I be?

If you are black and are looking for networking connections, business connections, or personal connections the following should be of interest to you. Although I am not an affiliate for the two, I think they are worthwhile groups to look at if you are interested. Please if you are not a black person do not be offended as the following links are intended for black people. The groups help black-owned businesses get noticed and work. (BOB) Black-Owned Businesses. Join this group. And (BOBW) Black-Owned Businesses by Women. Join this group.


Read These Useful Tips for Freelancers to Know When Looking for a Job by Nicole Harmon

Then it hit me-why not make a similar list for what freelancers should look for in a client while also telling the freelancers things that they should be aware of and showcase during an interview.

Photo courtesy of Pexels from Ketut Subiyanto

As I was looking through my email, I found an article in the Forbes Business Council Section.

I immediately read it as it was about freelancing. The article was mostly about what prospective employers should look for when hiring a freelancer. Then it hit me-why not make a similar list for what freelancers should look for in a client while also telling the freelancers things that they should be aware of and showcase during an interview. So, without further ado:

My Freelancers Cheat sheet 

Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels

A person reading a book

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceThis is a cheat sheet for freelancers and prospective employers to review and use during the interview process. On each section, you will see a part for the freelancer and beneath that the part for the prospective employer. At some point, you may see the only one which is the same for both. I will have available soon a download in pdf format of this article for you. I am hoping that at the same time you will also download my newsletter. Warning: I have only been making money as a freelancer in the past recent years. So, some of this is also new to me. But I do highly believe that it will help not only me but you as well. Please use this cheat sheet after downloading. And if you would like to subscribe to my blog and newsletter. You can also offer a donation as well or pay the subscription fee.


Join an agency that specializes in you. When you then receive opportunities the process of applying and interviewing, possibly testing you helps and the agency in finding you jobs. Your previous portfolio is the basis for all future jobs. Then once hired, that add-on helps cement your relationship with the agency you are a part of.


Look for agencies that have looked at their freelancers and their history, who have checked their records and verified them. Look for agencies that have personally interviewed that freelancer whose resume they are forwarding to you. This is a step that helps you quickly move forward in the process.



Always update your portfolio with recently completed projects include if able the actual work itself. Also include the client’s name you worked for with contact information and possibly or a review/recommendation. When applying always use recent projects preferably in the same job or using the same skill set.


Ask the freelancer for relatively recent projects. This means that you ask the freelancer for six projects to discuss with you or rather show you. This occurs before your in-person interview. You review six and chosen three or four. Contract the client and ask and your questions such as:

  1. How was he as a coworker?
    1. On-time
    1. Pre-paid
    1. Coherent
  2. Did he understand?
  3. Would you hear him again?


Keep track records and references. As a freelancer, you must keep very good or meticulous records regarding the jobs you were hired to complete. Included in the track and reference spreadsheet is:

Date of Project Here

Name of Client here

Contact Info here

Project time here

Deliverables here

Word Count here

Date Due/End here

Pay due/Miscellaneous here

From this a freelancer can obtain the following:

  1. Last six projects current to the date of the application
  2. Name and contact information of client who also serves as your reference
  3. Deliverables requested and your understanding of the job

Note: What you don’t have to give right away is your money earned on that project. You can use that information as a reference point for the pay of the current job.

Group by deliverables for your application. Always keep a record of who you give out as a reference and to whom.


When preparing to interview ask for a resume and references from the freelancer. During the interview ask for recent projects completed by your interviewee. Based upon how the person performs during that job and your belief in how they would fit into your current office culture, you may determine if they fit in well. Ask for most recent projects at least three of them. Look for the following information to be given:

  1. Duration
  2. Deliverable
  3. Understanding.



Make a vision board to explain experiences on the job coinciding with the portfolio. Details of what worked and what didn’t should also be on the board or your accompanying paper.


When asking the freelancer about previous experience ask open-ended questions and include their portfolio of needed. Use the previous portfolio to say a similar article.


Use personal and professional networks. When looking for a new freelance job utilize both personal and professional networks.



Hiring for emotional intelligence is critically important for both the freelancer and the prospective employer.

On the freelancer, it shows how well you adapt to certain work situations and people dynamics. How well you operate in the situation shows your emotional intelligence.

The client-employer, when you are vetting the prospective freelancers, you can determine their emotional intelligence.

For instance, the freelancer’s skill set can show if they can handle the work whereas how is smarter and/or has more experience than she, gives the new possible employer if the freelancer is a good fit for the company.



The employer has an idea of who would fit in with the company’s value system as an employee. You can utilize the interview time to ascertain who the freelancer is in your company.


The freelancer can likewise do the same for the employer and the company.


If it is an online interview, you can still do some of that determination by how you each react to each other.



For both the freelancer and the client-employer a relationship both are comfortable with both in and out of the office. Always respect the job. Always respect the time. Always respect the money.



For both the freelancer and prospective employers this is probably a question most don’t consider unless it is a huge part of the equation. Note: freelancers consider your real-time situation in your answers. Impress your boss.



Take note of these freelancers. Make freelancers part of the team. It is important that the newly hired freelancer feels just as much like an employee as everyone else. Introduce, explain, and include. This ensures open communication.



Hire people with the “right” attitude for your job prospective employers. If the person doesn’t fit either from the freelancer perspective or the employer -then no hire or expectation of one is expected. And it doesn’t have to happen.



Make sure the relationship is results-based. Remember to establish clear rules and expectations among the party. Make sure the work handed in is what you expect.



Start your new hire freelancers off with tasks normally completed by non-freelancers. This is done because anyone in the company could do them. However, the purpose for the freelancer doing them is to judge how the freelancer works, how they adjust, and how the others respond to him. Then gravitate towards the assignments that the freelancer would normally handle.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

I can tell you from personal experience that all the freelance jobs I have gotten have all had the last four included. I was made to feel welcome. I was told I had the right attitude. I gave in my work, so the results were in their hands. Both I and the client established clear rules of behavior and expectations. I was given a test task or audition task if you will see if I fit. But all the points mentioned above I have thought about or have done. The agency is new because I am being courted by agencies. I am also awaiting the return on the pilot program for an agency. The results-based job that all should probably check out as a point of information is Topcontent.com. If you work, you will be given more work. And if the work you give in is good and the clients like you will receive work.

I hope this helps you out as you search for a job. I will be making this a pdf download for you to pick up.

Hopefully, the newsletter will be out soon thereafter. So don’t forget to pick up the newsletter. And if you feel like donating $1.00 it is always accepted. If not just subscribe to my blog to get more out of it. I am designing a masterclass soon and a webinar. Both will be discussed sometime later.

Newsletter by Nicole Harmon

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My Baby Steps by Nicole Harmon

Happy Friday and its April 9, 2021. How was your week? Productive? Mine netted two sales-how is that for productive. Hi, I am Nicole. Yes, I am introducing myself to you again. I am a freelance writer and a self-published author under the pen name Yasmine Jameson. Woo! I’m sweating. Where was I –oh right- I sold books! Woohoo! Someone’s advertising is paying off. Hence the introduction. To me that is productive. Baby steps! And that is my topic today. My Baby Steps.


My Baby Steps

My picture from 2016 camera roll

My writing is one of my babies and it is taking off in baby steps after me doing it for many years. I am hoping the momentum continues. Let me explain. Remember I had just started a new blog I bought the last year-it’s as a continuation of my visualization for my writing career. My time, my thoughts and my place-my motto from my first blog Teresa’s Simplicity in Words. It’s how I saw my career in the beginning. I wanted you to listen to me. And then, reality set in. I won’t make money (well a lot of it) if I tell you all my gripes. So I became a ghostwriter. This way, I can get paid and still tell you what my thoughts on topics are. And then you figure out what ghostwriter means. No worry- I get paid.

Ghostwriting jobs are actually dare I saw plentiful but not so easy to get. My Upwork, Inc., has a lot of jobs I hope to bid for today. My goal is to net two actual jobs from those bids. In order to do that I complete a few baby steps for each job.

•Baby Step #1

  1. Review the job advertisement to look up blog or website, check out specific information

•Baby Step #2

  1. Decide on response and how or what to include in that response. Go through my portfolio and pick out the writing sample to send.

•Baby Step #3

  1. Go online to find the actual site to re-check the samples I want to send. Then draft and send bid.

A lot of times I don’t receive an email in response to the read stating I had the job. But those baby steps I hope ensure some thoroughness on my part. I do skip those steps when it comes to the virtual assistant jobs. Big mistake. You definitely, I found out, need to do your homework on those types of jobs. Look at the mother website and make sure. YOU MAKE SURE IT IS LEGITIMATE!

Now being an author isn’t easy either. But that’s another post!

As always, You be productive!






Tuesday is the second day of the week by Nicole Harmon

Tuesday, is the second day of the week. Monday’s let us get started hustle has passed. Hump Day (Wednesday) has yet to arrive. So why are Tuesdays now an important workday?

The Concept of Tuesday

Picture courtesy of Crystal Clear Creative Studios

Let us work this idea or concept through together. If you started your company on Monday you would decided what you wanted to be considered and to sell. A name would be decided upon and a place to work would be decided on. You would decide how much you charge, should make and who your client base was. Then you would get down to planning your tomorrow. That tomorrow is today and it’s Tuesday. Check with an attorney when needed along your journey to creating a viable in-the-black, profit-making company. Start working on your company on Tuesday. Collect clients, establish work hours and collect payments. For sure you might be twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing, but the work and clients will come.

The Package-Your Offer

Free stock image

When I started, I saw no jobs and go not hits. I had no portfolio. I have a portfolio now. Even the ones printed with mistakes are in that portfolio. I learned from those mistakes. Appearance is a huge part of the package. Correct grammar and usage are also a huge part of the package. Clients to work with are everything in the package. Hence, how you present yourself both in-person and on paper is a huge part of the package. SEO, giveaways, takeaways, subject matter –all important parts of the package.

Stream of Consciousness

Free stock image

Remember, the stream of consciousness writing exercise your English teacher would have you do in high school and in college-always a good place to start. Narrow it down from there, until you reach your kernel. That kernel becomes your Tuesday.

Now be productive and finish your Tuesday to-do list!