Tuesday is the second day of the week by Nicole Harmon

Tuesday, is the second day of the week. Monday’s let us get started hustle has passed. Hump Day (Wednesday) has yet to arrive. So why are Tuesdays now an important workday?

The Concept of Tuesday

Picture courtesy of Crystal Clear Creative Studios

Let us work this idea or concept through together. If you started your company on Monday you would decided what you wanted to be considered and to sell. A name would be decided upon and a place to work would be decided on. You would decide how much you charge, should make and who your client base was. Then you would get down to planning your tomorrow. That tomorrow is today and it’s Tuesday. Check with an attorney when needed along your journey to creating a viable in-the-black, profit-making company. Start working on your company on Tuesday. Collect clients, establish work hours and collect payments. For sure you might be twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing, but the work and clients will come.

The Package-Your Offer

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When I started, I saw no jobs and go not hits. I had no portfolio. I have a portfolio now. Even the ones printed with mistakes are in that portfolio. I learned from those mistakes. Appearance is a huge part of the package. Correct grammar and usage are also a huge part of the package. Clients to work with are everything in the package. Hence, how you present yourself both in-person and on paper is a huge part of the package. SEO, giveaways, takeaways, subject matter –all important parts of the package.

Stream of Consciousness

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Remember, the stream of consciousness writing exercise your English teacher would have you do in high school and in college-always a good place to start. Narrow it down from there, until you reach your kernel. That kernel becomes your Tuesday.

Now be productive and finish your Tuesday to-do list!

Author: Nicole T Harmon

I am a writer who is hoping to make it big in the publishing world. I hope to have my other blog up and running by next year. Please enjoy the journey with me. If you are looking to read some good stories check out www.murderonmymind.spaces.live.com.

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