My Baby Steps by Nicole Harmon

Happy Friday and its April 9, 2021. How was your week? Productive? Mine netted two sales-how is that for productive. Hi, I am Nicole. Yes, I am introducing myself to you again. I am a freelance writer and a self-published author under the pen name Yasmine Jameson. Woo! I’m sweating. Where was I โ€“oh right- I sold books! Woohoo! Someone’s advertising is paying off. Hence the introduction. To me that is productive. Baby steps! And that is my topic today. My Baby Steps.


My Baby Steps

My picture from 2016 camera roll

My writing is one of my babies and it is taking off in baby steps after me doing it for many years. I am hoping the momentum continues. Let me explain. Remember I had just started a new blog I bought the last year-it’s as a continuation of my visualization for my writing career. My time, my thoughts and my place-my motto from my first blog Teresa’s Simplicity in Words. It’s how I saw my career in the beginning. I wanted you to listen to me. And then, reality set in. I won’t make money (well a lot of it) if I tell you all my gripes. So I became a ghostwriter. This way, I can get paid and still tell you what my thoughts on topics are. And then you figure out what ghostwriter means. No worry- I get paid.

Ghostwriting jobs are actually dare I saw plentiful but not so easy to get. My Upwork, Inc., has a lot of jobs I hope to bid for today. My goal is to net two actual jobs from those bids. In order to do that I complete a few baby steps for each job.

โ€ขBaby Step #1

  1. Review the job advertisement to look up blog or website, check out specific information

โ€ขBaby Step #2

  1. Decide on response and how or what to include in that response. Go through my portfolio and pick out the writing sample to send.

โ€ขBaby Step #3

  1. Go online to find the actual site to re-check the samples I want to send. Then draft and send bid.

A lot of times I don’t receive an email in response to the read stating I had the job. But those baby steps I hope ensure some thoroughness on my part. I do skip those steps when it comes to the virtual assistant jobs. Big mistake. You definitely, I found out, need to do your homework on those types of jobs. Look at the mother website and make sure. YOU MAKE SURE IT IS LEGITIMATE!

Now being an author isn’t easy either. But that’s another post!

As always, You be productive!


ย ย ย ย 




Author: Nicole T Harmon

I am a writer who is hoping to make it big in the publishing world. I hope to have my other blog up and running by next year. Please enjoy the journey with me. If you are looking to read some good stories check out

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