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My Affiliate Experience to Date

This might be an informative article for those not in the know. 

Remember I wrote “What Am I Doing and How Am I Doing It?, a few weeks ago? This is going into more depth about it. 

Affiliate programs are a way to increase your finance via commission. 

I received an email from Matt McWilliams offering a way to make some money by becoming an affiliate. What you do is this: 

You agree to send emails and posts advertisements to generate interest in order to facilitate a conversion to a member in an organization. In exchange for your efforts you are paid a commission. And each time you participate in their campaign, you make money. You’re thinking there is a catch, right? 

No, no catch. All you do is sign up and complete the assignment as instructions tell you too. But it’s also very involved. You get a schedule of emails which is when to send out which email. You also receive the body of the emails you will send out. There are also pictures to use in the emails. You get social media posts body and pictures to use as well. 

It seems easy but its a lot of work. You can’t use the the exact email or it’s recommended that you don’t. And you develop a mailing list.I do caution you  not be discouraged out of 35-50 original.  I had 3 opt outs, no responses and two attendees in one campaign. In another company I had approaching 200+ clicks but no conversions.

If interested in participating in some affiliate groups please drop a comment and I will respond. 

Author: Nicole T Harmon

I am a writer who is hoping to make it big in the publishing world. I hope to have my other blog up and running by next year. Please enjoy the journey with me. If you are looking to read some good stories check out

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